Twilight New Moon IM Icons

Twilight New Moon IM Icons

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I've never known anything like the Twlight phenomenon. Well, not since Harry Potter anyway. Twilight, if you've never heard of it, is a film based on a series of books by Stephanie Meyer that follows the life and love of Bella and Edward.

The twist to this Romeo and Juliet tale is that Bella is all-too human while Edward is a vampire. Just a sniff of Bella's blood is enough to make Edward devour her so he has to exercise more restraint than the average hormonal teenager. What's more, since vampires never die, Edward is actually 107 years old. Anyway, the millions of Twilight fans out there will love Twilight New Moon IM Icons, which are animated GIF icons to send to friends in an IM client such as Messenger for Mac. The IM icons are of Bella, Edward, Jacob and the New Moon logo and alternate between the images of each and the film's release date.

Twilight New Moon IM Icons will appeal to any Twilight fans who have just seen the smash hit film or who are about to see it.

Twilight New Moon IM Icons


Twilight New Moon IM Icons

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